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My love affair with books, like most, started at an early age and is never ending. My book reading preferences have changed over the years and I look forward to sharing my varied reading tastes with you. You will find a lot of Crime Fiction (a penchant for Scottish Crime writers features a lot.) and also I love reading non fiction History. Hopefully you will find some new authors and new favourites to continue your own reading journey. ENJOY!

Saturday, October 19, 2019


The Wife and the Widow is a mystery/thriller told from two perspectives.

Set against the backdrop of an eerie island town, Kate is a widow and in her grief discovers she knew nothing of her husbands secret life. Then there is Abby, an island local who is confronted with evidence her husband just may be a murderer. But things are not quite what they seem.

After the success of Christian Whites debut novel "Nowhere Child", I was very excited to see what he could deliver and I was not disappointed. White's writing has matured and his storytelling is excellent. I loved this book and in my opinion is better than his first novel. Once the story starts to unfold it spins and turns and keeps you wondering. It is fast becoming easy to see why   Christian White is Australia's favourite new author. 
Released Sept 2019.

Friday, October 11, 2019


This is the second novel by C.J Tudor and what a fantastic book it is. I loved "The Chalk Man" the previous novel, and I didn't think this one could possibly match the excellence of the first book. I am so pleased to be proved wrong. The Taking of Annie Thorne is creepy, sinister and thoroughly gripping.

THEN:   One night Joe Thorne's little sister Annie goes missing. Everyone fears the worst as the search for her continues. After forty eight hours she comes back. But Annie is not the same little 8 year old

NOW:  Joe recieves an email by someone claiming to know what happened all those years ago to his sister. He returns to his childhood village and all the fears and nightmares from the past.

Tudor really captures the suspense in her writing in a style similar to Stephen King. I love the way you are sucked in to the story, and I really did hold my breath as the twists and turns just kept on coming. I would really love to go into more of the story but there are too many spoilers that might slip.

Really looking forward to getting my hands on "The Other People" a new novel release in 2020. Watch this space!


Having enjoyed the previous three books in the D.I Tony McLean series I thought I would review the fourth, "Dead Men's Bones" having just finished reading.

D.I Tony McLean is called on to investigate a prominent politician who has killed his wife and young children and then himself. What seems like a straight forward suicide soon throws up some unusual circumstances and our trusty D.I believes there is more than meets the eye in this case. Meanwhile the body of a naked tattooed man has been found which brings another puzzling case to the desk of McLean and his team of  PC MacBride (a homage to fellow author Stuart MacBride perhaps?) and DS Grumpy Bob Laird.
The characters in this series of books are really engaging and in each book you learn more of their story. I really liked this book and I am slowly coming around to the supernatural aspects that Oswald weaves into his stories, but I was disappointed in the ending unfortunately. A few unanswered questions and it seemed a little rushed. Overall a great read and I will still continue with the series