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My love affair with books, like most, started at an early age and is never ending. My book reading preferences have changed over the years and I look forward to sharing my varied reading tastes with you. You will find a lot of Crime Fiction (a penchant for Scottish Crime writers features a lot.) and also I love reading non fiction History. Hopefully you will find some new authors and new favourites to continue your own reading journey. ENJOY!

Saturday, November 30, 2019



After conducting a raid and finding a disturbing collection of photographs hidden under the floorboards, Detective Rachel Narey conducts an investigation on a terrifying scale.
Can she find the unknown subjects of the photos before this monster can strike again?

This is the first book by Craig Robertson that I have read and it won't be the last. It is the seventh book in the Narey and Winter series but I found it was easily read without the back story of the previous books. I really enjoyed this book even though I found the subject matter quite disturbing. It is a compelling story and very well written with believable characters and an excellent, fast paced plot.
I really want to read more from this author so may have to go back to the beginning of the series to follow the character development of Narey and Winter.
Highly recommended.

Thursday, November 14, 2019



Still grieving for wife and mother, Tom and Jake Kennedy move to Featherbank to make a new start. But this sleepy village has a nasty past. Fifteen years ago a serial killer known as "The Whisper Man" abducted and killed five boys before being caught.
As Tom and Jake settle in to their new home another boy has gone missing, and then Jake begins to behave strangely. He hears a whispering at the window.

This book is the creepiest I have read for a very long time. If work and sleep hadn't interrupted, I would have read this in one sitting. I was pleasantly surprised at how brilliantly written this was for a debut novel. North expertly weaves tension and suspense through a story that is both terrifying and mesmerizing, not one to read late at night. There are so many threads in this book it is hard to review without giving away too much, but all I can say is PLEASE read and enjoy the uneasiness and suspense it brings.

Sunday, November 10, 2019


I always enjoy starting a new Mark Billingham novel, especially when it involves D.I Tom Thorne. I don't think I have been disappointed in any of the books in this series and "Their Little Secret" is no exception.

Sarah thinks of herself as a normal single mum, but she is after something more and a chance encounter with the mysterious Conrad might just be what she is looking for. Meanwhile Tom Thorne is investigating what seems to be an ordinary suicide. Convinced a con man who preys on vulnerable women is behind the suicide, the investigation becomes linked to a different murder elsewhere. It's up to Thorne and his fellow investigator Nicola Tanner to unravel this intriguing case.

Mark Billingham is an excellent storyteller who throws so many different twists into his stories that leave you guessing. I love how his characters have evolved over the many books in this series. In this book, Thorne's on/off relationship with his girlfriend Helen is a great side story which
brings Phil Hendricks, his best mate and coroner, into the mix too. The interaction with Nicola Tanner and their working relationship also makes for an interesting and thoroughly enjoying read.
If you haven't read Mark Billingham as yet, I seriously urge you to give him a try; you won't be disappointed. He is one of my favourite authors and could be your next favourite too.

Sunday, November 3, 2019


After hearing of this book via "two crime writers and a microphone" podcast, I was intrigued enough to give this book a read.
The Long Drop is based on a true story of a serial killer in Glasgow 1957. When William Watt is accused of murdering his family he sets out to find who did and clear his name. Peter Manuel is a burglar, murderer, and a rapist who claims to know who committed the crime. But Peter Manuel is a liar. After a meeting between the two, a night of endless drinking ensues. Watt is seeking information and Manuel is seemingly seeking notoriety.

Jumping between the endless night and the court case, this novel is a masterpiece of story telling. I loved the gritty descriptions of 1950's  Glasgow and all its grit, grime and filth. Its hard to associate the old Glasgow with the vibrant and new Glasgow of today. This is a dark and sinister story with the oddest and nastiest of characters but brought beautifully to life by Denise Mina. This is Tartan Noir at its best.

Saturday, November 2, 2019


I have only read two books by  Robert Bryndza , both in the Erica Foster series which I really enjoyed. So I was pretty excited to obtain a  pre release reading copy of  "Nine Elms", first in a new series.

 When Detective Constable Kate Marshall manages to capture a serial killer known as the  Nine Elms Cannibal it comes at a cost. Her career and nearly her life. Fifteen years later and Kate is no longer in the force but a Criminology lecturer. When she is asked by a grieving parent to investigate the disappearance of their daughter around the time of the "Cannibal" killings, Kate becomes enmeshed in what may be a copycat killer.

I would love to relate more of the story but I'm afraid it would give away all the excellent spoilers. I really enjoyed the first in what could be a very exciting series. There is no shortage of disturbing and gruesome content and each chapter was gripping. I could easily have demolished this in one sitting but I enjoyed the anticipation too much. I think I will have to revisit the Erica Foster series to keep me going until the next Kate Marshall instalment.

Nine Elms by Robert Bryndza hits the shelves in Jan 2020.