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Saturday, November 2, 2019


I have only read two books by  Robert Bryndza , both in the Erica Foster series which I really enjoyed. So I was pretty excited to obtain a  pre release reading copy of  "Nine Elms", first in a new series.

 When Detective Constable Kate Marshall manages to capture a serial killer known as the  Nine Elms Cannibal it comes at a cost. Her career and nearly her life. Fifteen years later and Kate is no longer in the force but a Criminology lecturer. When she is asked by a grieving parent to investigate the disappearance of their daughter around the time of the "Cannibal" killings, Kate becomes enmeshed in what may be a copycat killer.

I would love to relate more of the story but I'm afraid it would give away all the excellent spoilers. I really enjoyed the first in what could be a very exciting series. There is no shortage of disturbing and gruesome content and each chapter was gripping. I could easily have demolished this in one sitting but I enjoyed the anticipation too much. I think I will have to revisit the Erica Foster series to keep me going until the next Kate Marshall instalment.

Nine Elms by Robert Bryndza hits the shelves in Jan 2020.

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