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Thursday, December 19, 2019


I was very excited to receive a pre release copy of "In the Clearing" by J P Pomare . After being blown away by his debut novel "Call Me Evie", I was hopeful of another brilliant story from this Australian author. I was not disappointed at all.

This work of fiction is obviously inspired by "The Family" a well documented and notorious cult situated in the state of Victoria. When young cult member Amy is entrusted to look after a new member things take a turn for the worse and Amy's life
of isolation from the outside world is changed forever. In the meantime, Freya a single mum with a young son she fiercely protects finds her world of security and privacy is shattered when a young child goes missing. Freya believes her secrets and her son are no longer safe.

This is a well constructed novel that just powers along and keeps you guessing. This is an excellent
psychological thriller from a brilliant author. I also highly recommend you give "Call me Evie" by J P Pomare a read as it is an exception debut novel.

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