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My love affair with books, like most, started at an early age and is never ending. My book reading preferences have changed over the years and I look forward to sharing my varied reading tastes with you. You will find a lot of Crime Fiction (a penchant for Scottish Crime writers features a lot.) and also I love reading non fiction History. Hopefully you will find some new authors and new favourites to continue your own reading journey. ENJOY!

Sunday, May 3, 2020


Edinburgh 1849. There's a fine line between kill and cure.

Will Raven has returned from the Continent to his position as physician with celebrated Edinburgh Doctor James Simpson. People are dying mysteriously all across the city with doctors finding their remedies powerless. When the reputation of the good Dr Simpson is smeared by rumours of his hand in a patients death, Raven and former housemaid Sarah Fisher seek to find answers to clear their patrons name. Into the seedy and murky depths of old Edinburgh they must go and what they uncover is truly unthinkable.
This second book in what is becoming a fantastic series is such a well researched and enjoyable story. Ambrose Parry is a pseudonym for the collaborating pair Christopher Brookmyre and Marisa Haetzman. Their unique talents complement each other so well to produce a fascinating subject incorporated into a fascinating story. With the sights and smells of Old Edinburgh at the forefront and excellent medical procedural descriptions, I found this to be a very sensory reading experience too. The Characters are an eclectic mix of gentry and sinister underbelly which adds to the mystery and intrigue. I am enjoying the complex relationship between Raven and Sarah which plays a big part of the story but doesn't dominate. Sarah's plight as a woman in such times is highlighted and well delivered. Sarah and Raven are both strong characters with depth and I look forward to their development in future books.
Cosy Mystery this is not, but a well thought out, well written and researched Historical Crime Fiction based on some real life characters. I loved the intrigue and look forward to more in this series.

Start at the beginning with Book 1. THE WAY OF ALL FLESH. Longlisted for both the Theakston Old Peculiar Crime Novel of the Year Award and the McIlvaney Prize for Scottish Crime Book of the Year.

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