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My love affair with books, like most, started at an early age and is never ending. My book reading preferences have changed over the years and I look forward to sharing my varied reading tastes with you. You will find a lot of Crime Fiction (a penchant for Scottish Crime writers features a lot.) and also I love reading non fiction History. Hopefully you will find some new authors and new favourites to continue your own reading journey. ENJOY!

Friday, June 26, 2020


Everyone has a hobby, some collect death.

When a body is deliberately left on show at a Glasgow Station, D.I Narey is ready to investigate. When she is taken off the case and confined to home she delves into the world of the dark web and the investigation takes a very sinister turn. Narey, along with her husband Tony Winter a journalist investigate the world of Death Collectors. Its a gruesome and disturbing world and not for the feint hearted.

This is an amazing dark and disturbing thriller, the sixth in the Narey and Winter series. Having started this series the wrong way round having read Book 7 first (and loved it) I'm still getting used to the characters not having grown with them from Book 1. This did not diminish the brilliance of this book. How can a book be so grisly in its subject but so utterly fascinating and engaging at the same time. Knowing there really are collectors of  "Murderabilia" out in the real world made me a bit uneasy while reading this book and I really shouldn't have read it late a night but I just couldn't put it down. The writing is tight and tense and this brilliant thriller keeps you on edge right to the last page,

I now have to go backwards again for my next instalment of the Narey and Winter story. I mentioned earlier that I had loved Book 6 which is called The Photographer. This is also highly recommended by this reader and reviewed in an earlier post if you fancy a peek.

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