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My love affair with books, like most, started at an early age and is never ending. My book reading preferences have changed over the years and I look forward to sharing my varied reading tastes with you. You will find a lot of Crime Fiction (a penchant for Scottish Crime writers features a lot.) and also I love reading non fiction History. Hopefully you will find some new authors and new favourites to continue your own reading journey. ENJOY!

Monday, June 1, 2020


Ava and her two sons Max and Teddy are heading to Sheer Water to escape a troublesome past. On the way they witness a horrific plane crash and Ava steps in to help out. When returning to her car she finds the boys are missing. The chain of events that follow the disappearance of the boys will keep you on the edge of your seat and tightly gripped.

It's hard to know where to start when reviewing a novel like this. Sheer Water is such an extraordinary book of love, loss and plenty of menace all played out in such a poetical setting. This novel is so beautifully written, the setting so wonderfully captured. The sea is a constant feature all the way through the narrative that conjures up beautiful images of the Australian coastline that weave in and out of the story in poetical motion. I loved the characters especially the relationship between the two little boys. It is a book to savour but it is very hard to take slowly as the story moves at a cracking pace with unrelenting tension right up to the last page.

I loved this book and was very surprised to find it is a debut novel. The writing has such maturity and the author is a very good storyteller. It makes you think what wonders there are still to come from Leah Swann. Highly recommended.

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